Health in Equilibrium Clinic

Wellness Center

Services: Customized IV suplementation Dermatology services Erectile dysfunction Family Practice Home visits Hormone optimization for females Hormone optimization for males Male and female sexual dysfuntion Pain management Palliative care Physical Therapy Respiratory therapy

Our clinic aims to service general population with regular health issues but our main focus is hormone optimization and anti-aging functional medicine. That includes the use of iv vitamins and powerful antioxidants like vitamin c in megadoses and glutathion. We have great results with the use of bio-identical hormones both for female and male patients that require suplementation to improve their values and quality of life. We are experienced in pain management using non invasive topical medications and palliative care. Our physicians can also make house visits on requirement.

Contact Information:

Dra. Nidia Blanco Faerron

[email protected]

30 meters South Casa Italia Barrio Francisco Peralta San José Costa Rica