COVID-19 in Costa Rica | PROMED


We are aresilient country

Our perfect climate and political stability never prepared us for war, especially one against an invisible enemy. Our health care system, like all around the world, had to draw on its strengths to care for as many people as possible affected by COVID-19. For approximately two years, many non-priority health services had to be put on hold to save lives.

We overcame the crisis with strength and are once again ready to welcome you to Costa Rica and improve your health and quality of life through high-quality medical services.

Coronavirus support material (tourism sector)

In this section you can find a series of tips, recommendations, and information approved by the Ministry of Health and the Costa Rica Tourism Institute related to the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Generalities, myths, and realities are included, protocols that should be taken whenever you sneeze or cough, as well as some specific guidelines for the tourism sector.

If you have further questions about how the country is responding to COVID-19 and the current situation in the health sector, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let's connect!