Why Costa Rica

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Costa Rica: Innovation, and knowledge at the service of your health.

Costa Rica, a small country with a great vision, a resilient nation capable of continuing to supply the world with sustainability, innovation, and talent. We are a concentrated country full of a unique and select value that characterizes our people. A cradle of human talent for those who seek excellence

A nation governed in peace with an ancient and solid tradition of democracy, which defends health, education, and the search for self-improvement as pillars of development.

6% GDP

in education

12,3% GDP

in health

No army

since 1949

6,5% of worldwide


Stability, innovation, and proven international competitiveness create the right environment for success. With a proven track record of 120 years of democratic, economic, and political stability.

51,100 km2

total area





Colón (¢)

is the official currency

24 °C average

temperature all year
0 %

of international patients come from the United States.

0 %

of the visits made by international patients correspond to dental services (cosmetic and reconstructive surgery).


Home of 13 of the top 20 OEMs, and 16 top technology leaders, Costa Rica is your natural choice for medical devices, pharma, and biotech.