Instituto Flikier de Rehabilitacion Oral, S. A.

Dental Services

"The dental care professionals of the Flikier Institute share a deep passion for their chosen fields, and they are carefully selected by Dr. Simon Flikier. Only those dentists who truly love seeing their patients enjoy the benefits of optimal dental health are allowed to practice at the Flikier Institute, for they must contribute to the goal of setting a very high standard of dental care in Costa Rica, a nation that is already known to provide quality care. The goal of the Flikier Institute is to marry dentistry with artistry: This means offering a unique blend of care and comfort that will encourage our patients to smile even before we complete their treatments; in essence, our patients must feel comfortable and confident in our ability to restore their smiles before they are ready to flash them. The dental professionals at the Flikier Institute are required to follow up with their continuing education and research goals. Work performed at this clinic has been featured in major dental journals, and the Flikier Institute has also been mentioned in a book about the life of Karlyn Pipes, the American Hall of Fame swimmer famous for turning her life around after a bout with alcoholism."

Contact Information:

Dr. Simon Flikier

[email protected]

Rohrmoser, Nunciatura 250 mts West, San Jose, Costa Rica.