La Católica Hospital


Services: Audiology Blood bank Cardiology CenterEmergencies 24/7 Clinical Corporate Medicine CPR training center of the American Heart Association CT and magnetic resonance Digestive Endoscopy Digital medical images Endovascular Procedures Hemodialysis Unit Hemodynamics room Hospitalization Neonatal care Nutrition Pathological laboratory Physical Therapy Respiratory Vaccination Center

La Católica is a Hospital of great trajectory located in the capital of Costa Rica. It has 60 hospital beds, maintains all the conventional support services for a hospital of high complexity, large and modern operating rooms (10), a large recovery room with 360 visualization, cutting-edge technology in medical images, with digital images, fluoroscopy, mammography, CT, 4 D Ultrasound and more. The hospital works under international quality standards, patient safety goals and attention focused on the care and comfort of all our patients.

Contact Information:

Dr. Oscar Sánchez Serrano

[email protected]

In front of the courts of justice, Calle Blancos, Guadalupe, San José, Costa Rica.