Universal Hospital


Services: Cardiology Dermatology ENT General Surgery Gynecology Internal Medicine Oncologic surgery Orthopedics Peripheral vascular Plastic surgery Urology

Hospital Universal is the only private hospital in the province of Cartago, Costa Rica. Our service is 24/7. We offer all the basic and complimentary medical services so that our patients and their families can find in our hospital an integral health care. We have more than 30 medical specialties served by highly-qualified professionals of great course and experience. If required by medical reference or surgical procedures, we also offer spacious and fully equipped rooms for the hospitalized patients that meet all the confort and tranquility necessities. We are highly committed with all of our customer’s health and we aim to exceed their expectations regarding our service.

Contact Information:

Dra Arlene Centeno Rodriguez

[email protected]

100 meters south of emergencies Hospital Max Peralta, Cartago